Our Rules

DKP Rules

Hi buds Your DKP will automatically be added to your character, but if there are any discrepancies, like a missed DKP tick, you can request it on the site Register your DKP account here: https://pals.opendkp.com/#/dkp


DKP ticks will be taken every 30 minutes. Each tick will be worth 2 dkp. Boss mob (motm) kills will be worth 1 dkp. DKP BIDDING ALLOWANCES
New Pals (two week trial period): RotBoxes: Up to 10 DKP at 3x rate
First boxes: Up to 20 DKP at 3x rate
Pals with under 20% Raid Attendance: Up to 75
Pals with over 20% Raid Attendance: Unlimited


We here in PALS have a “bid like you want it” approach. We take bids via private tells and the item will be awarded to the highest bidder at the price of the second highest bid + 1 example Billy bids 38 Sally bids 17 Consuela bids 73. Consuela wins with 39.(edited)February 18, 2020

DKP Spending

All non-mains have had their current DKP reduced by 75% of their total prior to Luclin New members will have a 2 week trial period in which they can earn DKP but they may not spend it, unless an item is rotting. Pals with less than 20% 30d Raid Attendance will have a DKP bidding cap of 75. If you are not currently able to use or equip an item, you may not be allowed to bid on it. Characters being played by someone else (other than the owner) will only be able to bid on rotting items.

Spells will be looted by the ‘Spell Master’ at the raid. Players may send a tell to the Spell Master to request said spells. If multiple people request a specific spell, the priority will be mains > 1st boxes > reg boxes. It will either be rolled out, or mains can opt into a DKP auction. Some spells that are beneficial to the whole raid may be assigned to a specific player in some cases.

Items for closed-bid auction will be posted in /rs Send a tell to the person who posted the auction for the item you want Tell should be formatted as: item link, number of DKP you wish to bid, main / 1st box / reg box (Example: /tell Rippy [Cloak of Flames] 51 Main) Get the format correct or your bid may be invalid

New Members

Upon approval, new members will be tagged as a New Member and their join date will be posted in their guild notes. The New Member will retain this status for two weeks while we monitor the performance of the new member, and how they interact with new guildmates. Also, the New Member will have two weeks to achieve 20% raid attendance (10% adjusted for a 30 day period). The New Member will earn dkp, but will not be able to spend it unless no other current member wants the item. After the two week period is reached, a decision will be made to grant the member full member benefits and be eligible to bid against members.

Should a member fall below 20% Raid Attendance, or disappear completely and not log in for 30 days, the member will be removed from the guild. The member is eligible to be re-invited back in to the guild, but at the time of re-invite, a 10% re-initiation fee (per week) will be assessed, a raid slot is not promised, and the member must wait two weeks before bidding on items against active players.. Also, the member must wait two weeks before being able to bid on loot.

Example: If Member-X has 100dkp, and is missing for 4 weeks:
Week 1: 100dkp x 10% = 90 dkp
Week 2: 90 dkp x 10% = 81 dkp
Week 3: 81 dkp x 10% = 73 dkp
Week 4: 73 dkp x 10% = 64 dkp

After 60 days of inactivity, the member will be eligible for re-invite, but must go through the New Member trial phase again.